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UltraSlim® delivers a unique, high-power light that stimulates the natural process called lipolysis. Light passes through the skin layer into the fat layer (adipose tissue). Here the cells respond by releasing the fat through pores in the cell membrane. Which is then drained into the space between the cells, reducing the fat layer by 3.5 ”, 1.6 liters on average. After treatment, patients will experience additional drainage of fat content. Over the next 72 hours, the patient will lose an additional 1.25 ”, For a total loss of 4.75” on average.



Cellulite is seen in 85% to 98% of all women after puberty and is rare among men. The condition is caused by the erratic movement of the fascia that connects the skin to the muscles underneath. As fat accumulates, some of the fascia press against the skin while others pull down, resulting in an irregular, dimpling effect. UltraSmooth™ delivers a unique, high-power green light that stimulates the natural process called lipolysis and relaxes the fascia. After 2 weeks of treatment, patients see a dramatic reduction in the appearance of cellulite without pain, dieting, or surgery.


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